Real-Time Emergency Response

Jeremy | Mozilla Ignite | March 31, 2013

What problem are you intending to solve?

Detection, observation, and assessment of situations requiring intervention by emergency responders depends on high-quality "live" data.

What is the technological approach, or development roadmap?

In the third development round, we began with a proof of concept and finished with an alpha product, viable for in-the-field testing by partner emergency response groups: the Ministry for Public Safety of Quebec and the police and emergency services of Red Wing, MN. The main advances realized in this round include:

  1. Incorporating feedback and feature requests from two different emergency response teams who are testing the rtER apps.
  2. Moving to improved real-time video from mobile devices, and implementing an iPhone version of the smartphone app, since not all responders seeking to try it have access to Android devices
  3. Extending the HTML5 web application to better filter more content types (Twitter, YouTube, etc), and also to improve collaboration between responders in real-time via tagging.