Uchaguzi Kenya 2013 Launched

Daudi Were | Ushahidi | February 11, 2013

As you approach a major milestone in life someone usually asks, “What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know today?” Many times this is nothing more than just a curious exercise of dreaming sandwiched between reminiscing and planning.

As we celebrated Ushahidi’s 5th birthday we asked ourselves, what would we have done then if we knew what we know today? As one of the positive stories to emerge out of Kenya’s post election crisis in 2008 following the flawed general election of December 2007, what would we do if we had the chance to impact a Kenyan general election again? Luckily for us, this is not just an abstract exercise. With Kenya going to the polls on the 4th of March 2013 we have the opportunity to step up, an opportunity to stand and be counted, again.

This makes us very proud today to announce the official launch of the Uchaguzi Kenya 2013 partnership. Uchaguzi’s aim is to help Kenya have a free, fair, peaceful, and credible general election. Uchaguzi’s strategy for this is to contribute to stability in Kenya by increasing transparency and accountability through active citizen participation in the electoral cycles. This strategy is implemented through building a broad network of civil society around Uchaguzi as the national citizen centred electoral observation platform that responds to citizen observations. Uchaguzi, is a joint initiative between Ushahidi, Constitution & Reform Education Consortium (CRECO) and Hivos Foundation with support from Canadian International...