World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) & Harvard Model U.N. 2012 Meeting

Asia Syeda | CoolAge | June 14, 2012

...Access to Knowledge - A movement that has taken innumerable forms in World Politics. Led by developing countries who face intense competition in the light of stringent Global Intellectual Property Laws, it aims to create more equitable public access to the products of human culture and learning.

For those who are finding it hard to keep up with the technical terms, it is a movement that supports creative commons such as Wikipedia - a loose collection of civil society groups, governments and individuals converging on the idea that access to knowledge should be linked to fundamental principles of justice, freedom and economic development.

A unifying concept for much of the A2K Movement is "openness", for instance, open source, open standards, open access, open content. Oh well, do not think that all your movies although there are free downloads available all over, will become legal. A2K movement is restricted to explorations in science, innovation, learning, medicine - education sector involving research basically...