Veteran Healthcare Gets Smarter

Wendy Connick | The Suit | March 31, 2012

Healthcare in the United States just got a little bit smarter.

Spurred in part by a need to care for returning Veterans, the federal government has been ratcheting up demands for new technological innovations that can make doctor-patient interactions more efficient and give patients more control over their health. And Humetrix has developed tools to meet those needs.

Take the Federal Blue Button® initiative announced by President Obama in the fall of 2010. As Humetrix founder & CEO Dr. Bettina Experton explains, “The Federal government came up with the simple but powerful idea of putting a “Blue Button” on patient portals (such as the portal for Medicare and My HealtheVet  for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) for Veterans and people covered by Medicare to click on the Blue Button icon for easily downloading their health records and share them with their doctors”...