Open Source Hardware For Renewable Energy + Manufacturing In Motion + Wikipedia Illustrated

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Open Source Event
September 20, 2012 - 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
Hämeentie 135 C Helsinki MAKE auditorium


Open Source Hardware for Renewable Energy

GlobalAnchor, MetricMotion and SolarFire are three independent open source renewable energy projects. Global Anchor from Germany working in Nicaragua, is a non-profit organisation to promote Open Source Hydro Power developing eco-conscious hydro power for rural electrification and more. Metric Motion designs and builds the “Venecia” vertical wind turbine based on a new unique approach to wind energy as well as providing complete renewable energy systems and solar ovens in Central and Northern America. Solar Fire develops high power low cost single focal point Solar Thermal Concentrators providing local autonomous renewable energy. This short presentation will show how fast and easy everybody could transform natural, endless and free energy resources into local energy supply sources, how it’s possible with openness and basic manufacturing tools. Inspirational experiences will be shared and people invited to start similar projects. Imagine a Renewable Energy Globe, we can make it NOW!

Manufacturing in Motion – 3D printing community

Start time: 16:30

Research around 3D printing as an example of commons-based peer production is still minimal (Troxler’s study touches on the issues). Results from a survey study will be presented that has concentrated in defining the overall change and analysing most prominent features. Presented by Jarkko Moilanen, Want3D LLC / University of Tampere, Finland.

Wikipedia Illustrated – an open design Initiative talk

Start time: 17:00

While we celebrate the explosion of open source software and collaborative projects like Wikipedia, visual art has not enjoyed similar levels of passionate and generous online contribution. Wikipedia Illustrated seeks to develop such models for the visual arts. The presentation will address the questions at the heart of this project. Is the visual aspect of Wikipedia so lacking and dated because it could only use freely licensed images? Or is it that images have to become “historical” to become removed, objective, factual, and therefore applicable to the Wikipedia guidelines? Is the Wikipedia project really inviting visual artists to contribute their work to the commons? Or is visual work inherently less collaborative? Presentation by Mushon Zer-Aviv.

Session Host



Will Cleaver, Core Team at Solar Fire, England, @solarfiredotorg

Jarkko Moilanen, Want3D LLC / University of Tampere, Finland, @kyyberi

Mushon Zer-Aviv


Will Cleaver: Friends with Globalanchor ( and MetricMotion ( I (Will Cleaver) joined the SolarFire project ( in 2011 leading the effort to raise investment to keep Solar Fire in an open source model. I administer the Spanish side of the site and produce Blender animations ( & other documentation relating to Solar Fire as well as on my own site, Open Source Economy ( I have collaborated on SolarFire Concentrator builds in India and Switzerland.

Jarkko Moilanen: Jarkko has a Master’s degree in political science from the University of Tampere. Master’s thesis was interdisciplinary combining political and computer science, and discussed different forms of hacktivism and nature of political hackerdom. In 2010 he started as grad student in the same university. PhD research will address emerging trends and practices in peer production and hacker culture.


Location: MAKE auditorium

Date & Time: Thur 20th, 16:00-17:30

Target Group: Everyone

Topic Stream: Open Design, Hardware, Manufacturing and Making

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