Daryl Chertcoff

Daryl Chertcoff provides project and technical leadership on complex, multi-vendor application design and development efforts, and has architected major public health systems. As a senior project manager for HLN Consulting since 2000, he uses a diverse set of skills and approaches to tackle complex problems in creative and unique ways.

Daryl has worked with a wide range of technologies and he has managed, designed and implemented systems and applications that utilize various integration and database technologies.

In New York City, he was one of the architects of the Master Child Index and the primary developer of the Online Registry, an internet-accessible, web-based interface for providers to access the Citywide Immunization Registry. He has also been instrumental in building and maintaining network servers and database systems for a variety of clients. His project management, operations and application development experience lends well to the full software development life cycle. Daryl leads HLN’s public health case reporting initiative, including client management, technical oversight, and project planning.

Daryl holds a B.S.E. in Computer Science Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.