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Kuhonga’s Anti-Corruption Strategy In Kenya

Lewis Kirvan | Ushahidi | January 14, 2013

We’ve seen a rise in anti-corruption mapping. In the past few months, we’ve featured projects from Kosovo, Zimbabwe and even provided global overviews. [...] Today we are proud to share Kuhonga‘s journey, because it is both a global story and a Kenyan story. Read More »

Launching With Social Coding 4 Good @OSCON

Angela Oduor | Ushahidi | July 26, 2013

We are proud to announce that Ushahidi has begun a partnership with Social Coding 4 Good to build our developer community. Read More »

Learning From Kenya: Mobile Money Transfer and Co-Working Spaces

Francis Pisani | The Next Web | February 5, 2012

Since Africa is trying to solve problems that we in the Western world do not have, it’s tempting to say that innovation there isn’t really relevant to us. But upon visiting Africa, one realizes that to ignore its recent innovations is a big mistake.

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Lessons from the Use of Open Source and Open Data in Nepal's Earthquake Relief

The power of an open source project like OpenStreetMap during a crisis like Nepal's earthquake is undeniable, and I had the opportunity to see it up close and personal. I worked with the Kathmandu Living Labs team, where I observed thousands of local and international volunteers collaborating to create data and tools. Responding agencies used the team's work to plan and execute their operations. The philosophy of Kathmandu Living Labs is that by collaboratively building upon existing work, we will reach much further and have a far greater impact than working on problems individually and from scratch...

Made In Kenya, Assembled In America: This Internet-Anywhere Company Innovates From Silicon Savannah

John Cary | Co.Exist | September 4, 2014

BRCK's device keeps people connected no matter where they are on Earth. And in a reversal of globalization, it's made in America, for the rest of the world...

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Map It, Change It for RIO+20

Heather Leson | Ushahidi | February 6, 2012

At the recent United States Rio +20 pre-event, Ushahidi had a chance to feature the work of amazing deployers trying to share, understand and change their world. These examples should get your mind spinning on some of the untold map stories that you could activate. Citizen crowdsourcing can elevate and visualize your subject. And, you may be surprised who you hear from and how you can collaborate.

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Mapping Our Environment

Heather Leson | Ushahidi | April 22, 2013

At the Space Apps Challenge this past weekend, Ron Garan of Fragile Oasis talked about his experiences as an astronaut. He gave the call to action for all of us to think about how we can use technology to explore space and protect our planet, our solar system. Read More »

MAVC: Open For Business

Daudi Were | Ushahidi | October 10, 2013

Making All Voices Count (MAVC) is a global initiative that supports innovation, scaling-up, and research to deepen existing innovations and help harness new technologies to enable citizen engagement and government responsiveness. This Grand Challenge focuses global attention on creative and cutting-edge solutions [...] to ensure the voices of all citizens are heard and that governments have the capacity, as well as the incentive, to listen and respond. Read More »

Mobile Tech and Child Protection in West Africa

Staff | Think Innovation | January 30, 2012

Currently, some of the most relevant mobile applications for child protection include: Frontline SMS and Ushahidi for violence reporting; RapidFTR for family tracing and reunification in emergencies; RapidSMS for data collection, awareness raising and violence reporting; and the Mobile Vital Record System and Nokia data gathering for mobile birth registration...

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Modem To Improve African Net Access

Jane Wakefield | BBC News | June 11, 2013

A modem designed specifically for Africa has been announced at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh. Read More »

Modem To Improve African Net Access Launched By Ushahidi

Cleopa Timon Otieno | Telecentre | June 13, 2013

A modem designed specifically for Africa has been announced at the TEDGlobal conference in Edinburgh. Read More »

Modems For Africa – From Africa

Simon Allison | Guardian | June 20, 2013

Kenyan collective Ushahidi's smart, rugged new device keeps you online during power cuts and doesn't mind a little dust Read More »

Monitoring Dangerous Speech: Umati Update

Heather Leson | Ushahidi | January 18, 2013

Lead by Kagonya Awori and Angela Crandall, the dedicated ihub Research team is monitoring and analyzing Dangerous Speech in Kenya with the Umati project. Read More »

New Maps for Ushahidi

Jinal Foflia | Mapbox | September 2, 2016

Ushahidi has recently switched to Mapbox Streets and Satellite! Ushahidi is an influential crowdsourcing platform that allows users to gather data from a variety of devices with custom surveys and crowdsourcing tools. Ushahidi relies on quality base maps to accurately geocode reports. OpenStreetMap fills an important role by allowing Ushahidi users to contribute and edit map data that is most important for their needs...

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Notes On The Watershed Post’s Implementation Of Ushahidi’s Crowdmap

Julia Reischel | Ushahidi | December 12, 2012

This fall, we decided to use a Ushahidi’s hosted Crowdmap platform to organize our coverage of Sandy in the Catskills. Here’s a list of what worked and what didn’t... Read More »