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The Promise of Electronic Health Records

John Halamka | Government Health IT | December 5, 2011

Last week, Don Berwick completed his 17 month tenure as administrator of Medicare and Medicaid. The nation should be grateful that such a visionary was at the helm. The nation should be frustrated that he was never confirmed. Read More »

The Salaries Of Health Executives: What Can Doctors Do?

Kevin R.Campbell | | May 29, 2014

... Health care costs in the U.S. remain above those of all other industrialized countries while physician salaries continue to fall.  Even though the U.S. spends more dollars per capita on health care than any other country on earth, our outcomes, when compared to other nations, remain mediocre at best...

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The Third-Leading Cause Of Death Is Preventable, But Candidates Don't Mention It

Leah Binder | Forbes | October 26, 2016

It is more likely to kill you than terrorism. It has profoundly impacted virtually every American family. So this election year, why aren’t politicians at all levels of government talking about the third-leading cause of death in America—preventable errors in healthcare? The statistics are staggering: more than 500 patients per day are killed by errors, accidents and infections in hospitals alone. Medical errors kill more people annually than breast cancer, AIDS or drug overdoses...

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The Troika That Benefits From Complexity In Heath Care Financing

Arvind Cavale | Rebel.MD | July 7, 2014

My good friend, Dr. Herb Kunkle, has aptly coined the term, “The Troika” consisting of hospitals, insurers and the government...A recent NY Times article describes just one dizzying example of the collusion between hospitals, insurers and government and the costs this Troika puts upon taxpayers and health care consumers...

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This Is The Year Obamacare Takes On Out-Of-Control Health Care Costs

Rick Ungar | Forbes | January 19, 2012

Write down the date. 2012 is the year that some of the more ‘behind the camera’ aspects of the Affordable Care Act will begin to take effect—measures that are designed to primarily impact on the high cost of medicine. Read More »

Time To Pay The Price Of War

Leila Levinson | Huffington Post | September 21, 2012

Help has been slow to come for members of our military and our veterans in crisis. Nearly 1 million veterans from various wars await a ruling from the Veterans Administration on their claims for disability. The VA estimates that in the next several months, another 1.2 million claims will come in as more troops return and more veterans recognize that they suffer from PTSD...
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To Fix Medicare, Let Seniors Join the VA

Richard Hanson | Grand Forks Herald | March 3, 2012

By nearly all measures, the VA outperforms Medicare. It makes sense, then, to make room in the VA for civilians aged 65 or older.

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Today's 'Meaningful Use' Standard for Medication Orders by Hospitals May Save Few Lives; Later Stages May Do More

Spencer S. Jones | Health Affairs | September 1, 2011

The federal government is currently offering bonus payments through Medicare and Medicaid to hospitals, physicians, and other eligible health professionals who meet new standards for “meaningful use” of health information technology. Whether these incentives will improve care, reduce errors, and improve patient safety as intended remains uncertain. Read More »

Todd Park—Changing Behavior and Changing Policies Panel (Part 3)

Unlisted | Stanford Social Innovation Review | October 11, 2011

Two megatrends are locking in: Massive incentive change and information liberation, says Todd Park, CTO of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The federal programs must lead the way in changing from fee-for-service to incentives for value in healthcare. Read More »

Tool Aims at Tracking Doc Shortage

Mary Merrill | Healthcare IT News | September 8, 2011

The Physicians Foundation has awarded a two-year $750K grant to aid in the development of a Web-based projection model that will be designed to be continually updated with new data to track ongoing physician workforce needs across the country. The nonprofit organization awarded the grant to the Cecil G. Read More »

U. S. Electronic Health Record Initiative: A Backlash Growing?

Robert N. Charette | | March 7, 2013

There seems to be a slow but steady backlash growing among healthcare providers against the U.S. government’s $30 billion initiative to get all its citizens an electronic health record, initially set to happen by 2014 but now looking at 2020 or beyond. Read More »

U.S. Needs Single-payer Health Care

Hedda Haning | PNHP | June 29, 2012

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has essentially approved the Affordable Care Act, including the individual mandate, what affect will it have? Read More »

Unnecessary CT Scans Increase Radiation Concerns

Walt Bogdanich and Jo Craven McGinty | New York Times | August 18, 2011

Long after questions were first raised about the overuse of powerful CT scans, hundreds of hospitals across the country needlessly exposed patients to radiation by scanning their chests twice on the same day, according to federal records and interviews with researchers. Read More »

Upfront Costs Of Going Digital Overwhelm Some Doctors

Staff Writer | NPR Shots | November 24, 2014

Dr. Oliver Korshin practices ophthalmology three days a week in the same small office in east Anchorage, Alaska, he's had for three decades...But starting next year the federal government will penalize Korshin and other doctors for not using electronic health records; Medicare will withhold 1 percent of his payments...

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US Won't Reveal Records On Health Website Security

Jack Gillum | SF Gate | August 21, 2014

After promising not to withhold government information over "speculative or abstract fears," the Obama administration has concluded it will not publicly disclose federal records that could shed light on the security of the government's health care website because doing so could "potentially" allow hackers to break in...

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