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EMR and EHR Buyers Beware Deceptive Sales

Howard Green, MD | LinkedIn | December 9, 2016

The study was recently published in a prestigious academic journal shortly after we started using an EMR in our Dermatology practice. It revealed that on average, your physicians spend 2 hours inputting data and clicking through their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) for every hour of direct care with patients.

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Will Trump Administration Back Rules Treating Health Insurance as a Utility, Not Luxury?

Howard Green | LinkedIn | June 18, 2016

On June 14, 2016 a Federal Court ruled that broadband internet is as essential to American as phones, electricity, water and sewer systems and should be available to all Americans as a utility, rather than a luxury that doesn’t need close government supervision. In the United States, public utilities are often natural monopolies because the infrastructure required producing and delivering a product such as electricity or water is very expensive to build and maintain. As a result, they are often government monopolies, or if privately owned, the sectors are specially regulated by a public utilities commission which severely limits the profits for the private utility company and the associated costs passed on to consumers of that utility...

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