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Stage 3 Meaningful Use – Objectives and Measures Summary

Last Friday (3/20/15) the ONC released the proposed rule for Stage 3 Meaningful Use (MU3).  Whenever this type of document is released, I find it useful to summarize the objectives and measures from the background and details into a more concise format.  It was tedious work, but in the end it saves me paging through a 301 page document. I figured that if I found it useful, others might as well, so I posted the summary on the Clinical Architecture blog.  Our mission is to help evolve the clinical architecture of the healthcare industry.  A big part of that has to do with terminology, since terminologies are the language of healthcare solutions.  These Meaningful Use initiatives are fundamentally about how we share and use terminology.  Understanding the planned objectives and proposed measures allows us to provide feedback to the ONC and help our partners prepare for what is coming.

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