Ten Steps You Can Take Right Now Against Internet Surveillance

Danny O'Brien | Electronic Frontier Foundation | October 25, 2013

One of the trends we've seen is how, as the word of the NSA's spying has spread, more and more ordinary people want to know how (or if) they can defend themselves from surveillance online. But where to start?

The bad news is: if you're being personally targeted by a powerful intelligence agency like the NSA, it's very, very difficult to defend yourself. The good news, if you can call it that, is that much of what the NSA is doing is mass surveillance on everybody. With a few small steps, you can make that kind of surveillance a lot more difficult and expensive, both against you individually, and more generally against everyone.

Here's ten steps you can take to make your own devices secure. This isn't a complete list, and it won't make you completely safe from spying. But every step you take will make you a little bit safer than average. And it will make your attackers, whether they're the NSA or a local criminal, have to work that much harder...

Open Health News' Take: 

I concur with Danny O'Brien's remarks and assessment of how to protect oneself from the "unwanted prying eyes" of others, including "big brother NSA".  I highly suggest these security recommendations be applied in just general IT and health care practice, which I admit goes a bit further than Linux ETC's initial security lecture topics in our courseware. 

Crawford Rainwater, Blogger @ Open Health News and CEO & President, The Linux ETC Company