5 Questions With Stephen Mickelsen, Mobile Application Architect For Humetrix iBlueButton

Chad Johnson | HL7Standards.com | September 9, 2013

The patients need and want their health data. Not a new theme, not a new demand. And, really, no one is arguing that patients should “own” and have complete access to their medical records. In fact, it’s a law. While not often considered a hot topic at the C-suite level, the government has taken some very interesting steps to encourage patients to become willing participants in their care, be it through ACO preventative care measures or healthcare standards.

Two government-designated standards, Consolidated CDA (data) and Direct Project (communication), are creating some very interesting options for data access. Combine the widespread usage of mobile devices and BlueButton+, and I believe the possibilities are fascinating for applications that truly involve patients in their care.

Humetrix‘ mobile application iBlueButton has been making quite a splash recently. The company just today announced that iBlueButton was named “Best Overall Consumer App” in the 2013 Mobile Merit Awards. And last year, Humetrix won the ONC Blue Button Mash-Up Challenge. To discuss the potential of patient-driven health information exchange, I asked Stephen Mickelsen, Mobile Application Architect at Humetrix, to answer the following five questions.