Guest Post: A Physician Rebels Against Micromanagement By "'Leadership-Trained' Management Extenders"

Howard Brody | Health Care Renewal | May 9, 2013

Health Care Renewal presents a guest post by Dr Howard Brody, John P McGovern Centennial Chair of Family Medicine, Director of the Institute for Medical Humanities at University of Texas - Medical Branch at Galveston, and blogger at Hooked: Ethics, Medicine and Pharma.

I recently heard from a physician whom I knew well in an earlier stage of her training—I’ll call her Pauline. She completed her training at one of the top children’s hospitals in the US, and served in several capacities in academic medical centers before her most recent job with a physician-owned for-profit practice. She called me to express her frustrations and to ask if the right course for her was to quit doing clinical medicine.

Pauline had become skilled in her earlier jobs in providing primary care for children with severe chronic conditions. Her reputation was such that when she was settled in her current post, pediatric subspecialists started to refer their difficult cases to her for follow-up. This patient mix did not suit her current employer for two reasons. [...]