myDrugCosts helps Patients find low cost Rx Alternatives

Christopher Gergen & Stephen Martin | NewsObserver.Com | April 27, 2013

There are so many variables at play, including the prescribed medicine, the choice of pharmacy and what your health plan covers, that it can feel impossible to make a more informed – and affordable – decision about your medicines.

This has meaningful cost implications for your family, employers and our nation. According to Express Scripts Drug Trend Report, the estimated cost for suboptimal prescription choices that provide no additional health benefit was $91 billion in 2011.

This is where startup Triangle-based company myDrugCosts comes in. With the mission of “empowering patients to make better decisions when buying prescription drugs,” myDrugCosts helps patients and doctors confer on what drug choices make the most sense financially.

To help achieve this mission, myDrugCosts aggregates a lot of data, pulling information from the National Library of Medicine, the Food and Drug Administration, and local pharmacies.