Day 1 @ TEDMED 2013, Washington D.C.

Alessandro Demaio | PLOS Blogs | April 17, 2013

Well TEDMED is off and running and what a sensational start! More than a thousand innovators and thinkers from the health space worldwide have descended on the JFK Centre in Washington DC to make incredible things happen.

Building bridges across thinking disciplines, the coming 3 days are sure to be nothing less than incredible – judging on the first few hours.

TEDMED is a multi-disciplinary community of innovators and leaders who share a common determination to create a better future in health and medicine. Their stage program allows us (the TEDMED community) to recharge our brains, jumpstart new thinking, energize our work… and alter how we imagine new possibilities – forever.

After registration and introductions, Curator Jay Walker took to the stage to open the conference. Calling for radical innovation to solve the biggest global challenges in health, he reminded us all that the most powerful and exciting innovations often come from unexpected connections.