DHS Releases Career Guidance For IT Professionals

Brittany Ballenstedt | Nextgov | February 12, 2013

Many experts have long concluded that the federal government lacks a clear career path for federal IT professionals, making it difficult for government to effectively compete for and retain these professionals. But the Homeland Security Department is hoping to change that, in part by introducing a new guide that helps IT professionals at the agency navigate their careers and make better decisions about their professional development.

In a blog post Friday on CIO.gov, DHS Chief Information Officer Richard Spires announced the release of the first guidance document for IT workers, which lays out what it takes to succeed at DHS. The guidance features career profiles for 11 IT functional areas across three career levels -- individual contributor, manager and senior leader. The profiles are designed to help employees determine how to best prepare for new career opportunities with the agency, Spires said...