OSEHRA Launches Code Repository and Certification Process

Carolyn John | Health Tech Zone | October 24, 2011

Code Repository and Software Quality Certification Process has been launched by OSHERA. Users, developers, and researchers are able to engage with and advance electronic health record technology using robust tools from OSHERA. A significant step in ensuring this has been the establishment of the repository and certification process. OSHERA also known as the Open Source Electronic Health Record Agent is a not-for-profit foundation. Open source development is used by OSHERA to facilitate EHR or Electronic Health Record improvements.

The current VistA, or Veterans Health Information System Technology and Architecture electronic health record software, has been contributed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for the Open Source EHR codebase. This initial codebase is contained in OSEHRA's Code Repository. VA previously launched the open source software project in order to foster increased innovation in EHR technology. This had resulted in the creation of OSHERA. The OSHERA community now sees active participation from VA...