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How To Avoid EHR Backlash In The Patient Experience, Clinic

Robert Green | EHR Intelligence | May 28, 2013

The term “EHR backlash” has been used recently to describe the challenges and feelings that physicians associate with their EHR adoptions. It has even reached the point of having its own hashtag on Twitter, #EHRBacklash, with plenty of interest to draw even more attention. [...] However, the term “backlash” may not be the word that best fits the current discourse.... Read More »

Nurturing The Open Access Ecosystem

Marina Kukso | PLoS | September 13, 2012

In the last post of a short series reflecting on the Getting in the Access Loop webinar organised by the Humanitarian Centre, HIFA2015 and PLOS, Marina Kukso discusses the challenges faced by the Open Access movement as it comes of age. Read More »

Open Health, Privacy And The Digital Divide

Nick Evans and Adam Henschke | The Conversation | October 30, 2012

Open health refers to a set of developing information technologies that make it easier for patients, professionals and administrators to access health-care information or make it anonymous and open to the public. Read More »

UC Davis Health System Health Policy Leaders Named to "Let's Get Healthy California" Task Force

Press Release | UC Davis Health System, Let's Get Healthy California Task Force | June 5, 2012

Joy Melinikow and Kenneth W. Kizer, physicians at UC Davis Health System and national leaders in health policy and research, have been appointed to the Let's Get Healthy California Task Force, a group established in response to Governor Edmund G. Brown, Jr.'s executive order of May 3 to develop a 10-year plan to make Californians healthier.

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