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Open Library of Humanities Launched

Press Release | Open Library of Humanities (OLH) | January 15, 2013

We are establishing a company structure for a non-profit organisation called Open Library of Humanities (OLH). This will be an open access “megajournal” in the style of the US-run Public Library of Science [...]; which will publish thoroughly peer reviewed humanities and social science research under Open Access conditions at a financially fair rate. Read More »

Open Source Community Gathers For Red Hat Government Symposium

David Stegon | FedScoop | October 24, 2012

Open source continues to be used in new and innovative ways as federal agencies become more comfortable with the software development philosophy that helps solve common problems with common solutions, said Red Hat Vice President and General Manager of U.S. Public Sector Paul Smith. Read More »

Open-Access Journals: A Perspective From Within

Jonathan Carroll | The Conversation | October 1, 2012

There’s an ongoing debate in the world of academic publishing about whether the public should be allowed open access to research publications we all pay for in the first place. Read More »

Openly Streamlining Peer Review

James Rosindell and William D. Pearse | | August 3, 2012

We are delighted to host our first guest post on Biologue  by James Rosindell and William D. Pearse  from Silwood Park, Imperial College London. They share their view on how we might improve peer review. Read More »

Peer Review Is F***ed Up – Let’s Fix It

Michael Eisen | it is NOT junk | October 28, 2011

[...] The public has been trained to accept as established truth any science that has gone through the gauntlet of “peer review”. And any attempt to upend, reform or even tinker with it is regarded as an apostasy. But the truth is that peer review as practiced in the 21st century biomedical research poisons science. Read More »

PeerJ Leads A High-Quality, Low-Cost New Breed Of Open-Access Publisher

Mike Taylor | The Guardian | February 12, 2013

A one-off fee allows researchers to publish as many papers as they like. The first open access PeerJ articles appear today Read More »

PLOS ONE Launches A New Peer Review Form

Damian Pattinson | PLOS Blogs | December 13, 2012

Today PLOS ONE launches a new peer review form. While this might not sound like much of an announcement, the fact that our reviewer board currently contains over 400,000 scientists, and grows by the hour, means that an awful lot of people will see this form over the coming months! Read More »

Post-Berlin 10 Open Access Meeting For Those Interested In SCOAP3

Staff Writer | Stellenbosch University | November 1, 2012

Dr Ralf Schimmer of the Max Planck Digital Library will meet with members of institutions that publish in high energy physics journals on 8 November – directly after the conclusion of the Berlin 10 Open Access Conference. Read More »

Publication Liberation

Connor Emdin | The Varsity | August 25, 2012

Making academic publications freely available to researchers and curious students should be standard practice... Read More »

Publishers Do Not Provide Peer-Review. We Do.

Mike Taylor | | January 23, 2012

Publishers do not provide peer-review.  We do.  The same body of researchers that writes the papers for publishers also performs peer-review for publishers.  And we charge exactly the same amount: nothing.  Peer review is just one more gift that we give to the publishers.  It’s a gift that I don’t begrudge when the world can benefit from it, through open-access publishing.

Read More »

Publishers Flip Out, Call Bill To Provide Open Access To Federally Funded Works A 'Boondoggle'

Mike Masnick | Techdirt | February 20, 2013

A year ago, we wrote about Rep. Mike Doyle introducing an important bill to provide public access to publicly funded research. [...] Unlike just about any other publication, [academic] journals don't pay their writers (and in many subject areas, authors need to pay to submit), they don't pay the peer reviewers -- and then they charge positively insane amounts to university libraries... Read More »

Publishers Hop On Board The Open Access Bandwagon

Ernie Smith | Associations Now | June 11, 2013

With momentum building for the open release of academic materials, the American Association of Publishers has offered up a new framework for a clearinghouse that could make open access to research data easier for the public. Read More »

Rewriting The Journal

Michelle Fredette | Campus Technology | August 28, 2012

With faculty balking at the high price of traditional academic journals, can other digital publishing options get traction? Read More »

RIP, Aaron Swartz, And Why Open-Access Matters

Karla Starr | Psychology Today | January 15, 2013

Last week, 26-year-old Aaron Swartz hanged himself. Swartz was a champion of open everything: open access code, open access journals, and fought for a utopian version of the internet. In that utopian version of the internet, people have access to information, and freedom of speech trumps SOPA and other draconian copyright laws... Read More »

Scientists Are 'Less Inclined To Do The Tough Experiments' For Open Access Journals

Zulfikar Abbany | DW | May 2, 2013

As chief editor of the journal "Nature Medicine," Juan Carlos López knows his company has to change as the open-access model of publishing research papers takes hold. But he questions the quality. Read More »