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NIH-built Toolset Helps Researchers Share and Compare Data

Paul McCloskey | GCN | October 10, 2015

On battlefields across the Middle East and football fields in the United States, traumatic brain injury (TBI) has hit near-epidemic proportions in the past several years. Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say it leads to 52,000 deaths and 275,000 hospitalizations in the U.S. each year. The spiraling caseload is pushing biomedical researchers to stretch their increasingly tight budgets and maximize their research to help prevent TBI and other serious health threats. Read More »

Oakland Pulls Ahead Of SF In The Bay Bridge Open Government Series

Luke Fretwell | GovFresh | February 19, 2013

It hasn’t garnered the accolades San Francisco historically has, but it appears Oakland is starting to pull ahead in the Bay Bridge Open Government Series. Read More »

Obama's Budget Cuts Fed IT by $586 Million

Brian Heaton | Government Technology | February 13, 2012

President Barack Obama has slashed almost $600 million from last year’s federal IT funding in his fiscal year 2013 budget proposal. If enacted, the proposal would put total federal IT spending at just under $78.9 billion, a 0.7 percent reduction from fiscal 2012. Read More »

Obama's Open Government Directive, Two Years On

John Wonderlich | Sunlight Foundation | December 7, 2011

Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of the Open Government Directive (OGD), the signature transparency policy issued by the Obama administration on December, 2009. The transparency issues facing the administration, both before and after the 2009 policy, fall well beyond the control of the OGD, which is, after all, an OMB memo. Read More »

Obama: Technology Will Make Health Insurance Transparent

Meghan Foley | Wall St. Cheat Sheet | July 9, 2013

President Barack Obama signed an executive order in May that made all federal data freely accessible in a form that can be used by software developers, which has come to be known as “machine-readable format.” [...] Read More »

Obama’s Efforts to Control Media Are ‘Most Aggressive’ Since Nixon, Report Says

David Kravets | Wired | October 10, 2013

The President Barack Obama administration has “chilled the flow of information on issues of great public interest,” according to a Thursday report that amounts to an indictment of the president’s campaign pledge of a more open government. Read More »

Official: The White House Loves Open Source

Glyn Moody | ComputerworldUK | February 6, 2012

Recently, the White House has adopted a scheme that we Brits have been using for some time now: online petitions. The basic idea is the same:

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OK, I Admit It. I Have a Mancrush on the New Federal CTO, Todd Park

Tim O'Reilly | O'Reilly Radar | February 9, 2012

I couldn't be more delighted by the announcement today that Todd Park has been named the new Chief Technology Officer for the United States, replacing Aneesh Chopra. Read More »

ONC at OSCON 2012: What Could the Future Bring?

Damon Davis | Health IT Buzz | August 22, 2012

The open source software (OSS) community is full of creative software coders developing amazing computer applications collaboratively. Recently I witnessed the power of their collaborative innovation first hand at the Open Source Convention (OSCON) in Portland, OR. This was the conference’s 12th year…but my first experience. Read More »

Ontario To Release Much More Through Open Data Portal

Adrian Morrow | The Globe and Mail | October 21, 2013

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is planning to release vast swaths of government data, making public everything from hospital wait times to student achievement to traffic gridlock. Read More »

Open Affairs TV at HIMSS 12

Lizzie Dunklee | Open Affairs TV | February 22, 2012

The crew at Open Affairs TV is at HIMSS12 in Las Vegas! But wait, isn’t HIMSS all about silos and proprietary systems? Not quite. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a surge of collaborative platforms popping up across the HIMSS agendas and exhibit halls. Health Information Exchanges are the topic of many-a-session, focusing on standards, implementation and collaboration. Read More »

Open Data And Open Science

Carlos Morais Pires | ICT Update | June 1, 2013

The G8 International Conference on Open Data in April 2013 aimed to make agricultural research more widely available to improve global food security. Carlos Morais Pires from the European Commission discusses the EC’s effort to increase access to data and reviews the G8’s plans. Read More »

Open Data Can Drive Partnerships With Government

As governments and businesses — and increasingly, all of us who are Internet-connected — release data out in the open, we come closer to resolving the tiresomely famous and perplexing quote from Stewart Brand: “Information wants to be free. Information also wants to be expensive.” Open data brings home to us how much free information is available and how productive it is in its free state, but one subterranean thread I found in Joel Gurin’s book Open Data Now highlights an important point: information is very expensive. Read More »

Open Data Leaders in Government Finally Have a Support Network – Each Other

New Zealand’s Open Government Data Programme Leader, Paul Stone, reflects on his time at the Open Data Leaders Network: what he learnt, who he met and how peer-learning has helped him find better solutions to problems. There are support networks for many professions that people can get involved with or lean on for support. Lawyers, accountants, IT, information management, policy making – you name it, there will be a local network out there for you to join...

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Open Data Portals Should Be API [First]

Not long ago, I was speaking at the National Association of Government Web Professionals. At the same conference, Mark Headd was speaking. We were speaking on different open data topics. My discussion was about the difference between open government and open data and his talk was about API [First]. Luckily they had us scheduled at different times, so I had the opportunity to see him speak on the API [First] strategy for website development using open data. His subtitle was "Open Data as a Foundation for Better Websites"...