Medicine 2.0

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Takeaways From Medicine 2.0

Sophie Beauvais | | September 17, 2012

When I was invited to join a panel on the role of social networks in global health at the Medicine 2.0 conference this weekend in Boston… I was delighted to join former colleague Kavitha Nallathambi, who is with Knowledge for Health (K4Health) at John Hopkins, [and] Bruno Meessen, an economist who runs an online community for performance-based financing supported by the Harmonization for Health in Africa initiative. Read More »

The Growing Trend Of Clinical Research Crowdsourcing

The trend of open collaboration has led to innovation across multiple industries. For decades, big pharma has been known as conservative and slow to change. Today however, there is a growing movement toward open access and crowdsourcing scientific information to accelerate research and development. Open-source platforms have let developers create multiple crowdsourcing applications, that are further enabling the crowdsourcing trend in the life sciences industry, as well.

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