Margaret Flowers

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Judgment Day: Dr. Margaret Flowers on What Follows the Supreme Court Ruling on Healthcare

Laura Flanders | The Nation | June 27, 2012

Margaret Flowers, MD, is a pediatrician whose exasperation with the American healthcare system turned her into a single-payer activist. In 2009 she was arrested at the Senate Round Table on Health Insurance for attempting to speak on behalf of a single-payer plan when single-payer had been cut out of the conversation. Read More »

Single-Payer Health Care Group Speaks Out

Patty B. Wight | MPBN | May 11, 2012

Reforming the U.S. health care system is an ongoing challenge...Maine AllCare wants a single-payer system, where everyone gets health insurance under a government-run program. To draw attention to the issue, the group held a rally in Portland last night with members of Occupy Maine. They also brought in a renowned health care activist to speak at several events. Read More »