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Best Of Opensource.com: Top 10 Open Source Projects In 2013

Staff Writer | OpenSource.com | December 19, 2013

We cover a wide range of open source projects on Opensource.com. From beehives to Linux, from the Netherlands to India, featuring a diversity of open source projects is part of our mission. It's a goal we achieved in 2013 and one we'll continue to strive for in 2014. Read More »

More Libraries Embrace Open Source Software

David Brooks | The Telegraph | April 28, 2013

Why would your local library, a symbol of print-on-paper respectability, embrace open-source software, a symbol of the digital world’s most anti-establishment streak? Read More »

Open Source at Your Company? 6 Questions Your Manager Will Ask

Christian Grail gave a talk at OSCON 2016 titled: "How to convince your manager to go open source." I thought the perspective was going to be from the user side but it was from the employee side, about convincing your manager to open source the projects at your company. "Isn't the quality going to suffer?" There is a perception that when we're only depending on our internal team, we can control the quality. The fact is that with open source, you have nice lean code and the quality is usually better because it's being worked on all of the time, regardless of where and by whom. The advantage with most open source software is that you get a community, so you have more than just your team of X developers...

When People Freely Share, It Makes Things Better For Everyone

Ginny Skalski | OpenSource.com | September 18, 2013

Joshua Holm is the kind of guy you want to have on your chat list if you’re ever looking for an open source tool to tackle a task. That’s because he actively keeps up with the latest open source tools and projects because much of his work involves helping people find the right software tool to meet their needs. So if you’re looking for an open source version of something, chances are Joshua can make a recommendation...

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