International Rescue Committee (IRC)

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1 Month To Stop Ebola Before It's 'Totally Out Of Control' - Global Aid NGO

Staff Writer | RT | October 2, 2014

The International Rescue Committee (IRC), on behalf of 34 NGOs battling Ebola in West Africa, has warned that the number of cases is doubling roughly every three weeks and the globe has only four weeks to stop the crisis from spiraling out of control...

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International Rescue Committee Open Sources First Of Its Kind Humanitarian Digital Tool

Press Release | International Rescue Committee | August 5, 2015

The International Rescue Committee (IRC), a leading crisis-focused humanitarian relief and resettlement organization, is open sourcing its Commodity Tracking System (CTS) technology. A first of its kind humanitarian digital tool designed to work in crisis locations, CTS is used to track essential, life-saving commodities such as medical supplies shipped into Syria. By open sourcing CTS, which was made possible by generous grants from the UK and US governments and Stichting Vluchteling, and making it available to all for free, the IRC is giving individuals and other organizations the opportunity to scale this technology and use it in other fragile and destabilized areas of the world.

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