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DoD Chooses Interoperability Over Integration For New E-Health Record System

Jared Serbu | Federal News Radio | May 23, 2013

The Defense Department still is a long way from picking a successor to its aging electronic health record system. But the Pentagon said Wednesday that whatever it settles on, it's committed to open data standards, and proprietary solutions are off limits. Read More »

DoD Decision On VistA Disappointing

David Perera | FierceGovernmentIT | June 3, 2013

The Defense Department announcement last month that it will move forward with plans to acquire a commercial electronic health record is disappointing, if not unexpected. Read More »

DoD Has Earned EHR Oversight

David Perera | FierceGovernmentIT | July 15, 2013

Oversight is cumbersome and time-consuming. It may sap resources and make project management paranoid and overly-cautious. But when it comes to attempts to make a joint [EHR] between the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, Defense lacks much standing to argue that House-proposed oversight isn't warranted... Read More »

DoD Loses Control Of Health IT Budget After Fumbling iEHR

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | May 1, 2013

The Pentagon has taken away the Military Health System’s toys after MHS leaders failed to play nice with billions of dollars allotted to developing an integrated EHR with the Department of Veterans Affairs... Read More »

DoD Sets Sights On Vendor-Neutral Image Archive

Kyle Murphy | EHR Intelligence | November 16, 2012

The Department of Defense (DoD) has taken another step toward its transition to the joint integrated EHR (iEHR) that it is developing in partnership with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), according to an announcement by Acuo Technologies, Dell, and BRIT Systems. Read More »

DoD Takes New EHR Direction, But It Still Isn’t The Right One

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | May 23, 2013

At a brief press conference on Wednesday, journalists watched in slightly bemused fascination as Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisitions, Technology, and Logistics Frank Kendall attempted to explain the Department of Defense’s new direction in its ongoing efforts to modernize its electronic health record system while improving interoperability with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). [...] Read More »

DoD, VA award iEHR interoperability re-compete contract

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | October 17, 2013

Just when it seemed that the DoD’s advances toward selecting an electronic health record system of its own might actually squash the dream of an EHR integrated with the VA’s system, the departments awarded a re-compete of a contract for iEHR. Read More »

DoD, VA EHR Projects Must Focus On Interoperability

Ashley Gold | FierceEMR | January 17, 2014

The Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs must not lose sight of the ultimate goal of interoperability in their pursuit of their electronic health record systems, lawmakers said in passing the 2014 Omnibus Appropriations Act in the House on Wednesday. Read More »

DOD, VA Officials Defend Progress In Rare Joint Hearing

Amber Corrin | FCW | July 11, 2013

Amid criticism of deficient leadership, officials from the departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs on July 10 reiterated their commitment to an electronic health records-sharing program during a joint hearing between the House Armed Services and Veterans Affairs committees in Washington. Read More »

DoD, VA Pick A Vendor For Integrated EHR Project

Jennifer Bresnick | EHR Intelligence | October 21, 2013

The Department of Defense (DoD) and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are once again trying to get their integrated EHR (iEHR) project off the ground.  Last week, the departments announced that Systems Made Simple, Inc. (SMS) has been a re-compete contract to tackle the convoluted quest to increase interoperability between the two vast legacy systems. Read More »

DOD, VA Pressed On Creating Electronic Medical Records

Leo Shane III | Stars and Stripes | July 10, 2013

Lawmakers on Wednesday lamented stagnation in creating lifelong electronic medical records for troops and veterans, decrying a lack of leadership on the issue from the Defense Department, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the White House. Read More »

DoD, VA Reiterate Commitment To iEHR -- Again

Tom Sullivan | Government Health IT | February 28, 2013

After a morning of Congressional tongue-lashings Wednesday during a House hearing on iEHR, the Veterans Affairs and Defense Departments publicly issued a statement reasserting that they are jointly committed to working toward an iEHR endpoint similar to the project’s original goal. Read More »

DOD, VA Shift Medical Record Strategy

Amber Corrin | FCW | February 7, 2013

The Defense and Veterans Affairs departments , after several years of working toward a single, integrated electronic health record program, are changing their approach in the short term, the secretaries of both agencies said in a joint press conference Feb. 5. Read More »

DoD, VA Spent Bulk Of 2012 iEHR Budget On Support Contracts

Staff Writer | Hospital EMR & EHR | November 27, 2013

The VA and DoD’s iEHR project may or may not come together, but it seems clear that at least one party is getting ahead — the vendors the agencies retained to support the project. Read More »

DoD, VA's Health IT Efforts Grow Out Of Leadership, Necessity

Ruben Gomez | Federal News Radio | September 18, 2012

The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs are preparing to release a new request for proposals under their integrated electronic health records (iEHR) initiative, a move that will represent the latest sign of renewed progress in a complex effort to marry both departments' health IT systems. Read More »