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DHS Investigates Possible Vulnerabilities In Medical Devices, Report Indicates

Adam Greenberg | SC Magazine | October 22, 2014

Citing an unnamed senior official at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Reuters reported on Wednesday that the agency is investigating roughly 24 cases of suspected vulnerabilities in medical devices and hospital equipment...

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How We ”Email” Hardware To Space

Mike Chen | BackChannel | December 16, 2014

My colleagues and I just 3D-printed a ratcheting socket wrench on the International Space Station by typing some commands on our computer in California...This is the first time we’ve ever “emailed” hardware to space...

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PwC-Led Team To Offer 'Open Source' EHR To DoD

Marla Durben Hirsch | Fierce EMR | September 8, 2014

PwC has joined forces with Medsphere, DSS, Inc. and General Dynamics Information Technology to vie for the coveted U.S. Department of Defense Healthcare Management Systems Modernization (DHMSM) electronic health record contract, and plans to merge "open source" software with commercial applications in its proposal, PwC has announced...

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