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Doc Pay Method May Deter Shift To Value

Mary Mosquera | Healthcare IT News | February 3, 2014

Shifting doctors to pay-for-value models will not be simple. A recent report from the American Medical Association looked at proposed payment methods in models such as accountable care organizations, episodic bundles of care and risk-adjusted global budgets, to see how they line up with current approaches for compensation. Read More »

From the VAC: What Is Telehealth, and What Does It Mean to Vets?

Dave Strowmatt | The Journal-News | January 1, 2012

I recently attended a brief by US Department of Veterans Affairs medical staff folks regarding a relatively new service called "Telehealth." What is telehealth, and what does it mean to us as Veterans? Well, it appears to be the newest effort to provide health care services to veterans in rural areas. That's us. Read More »

If Shutdown Persists, VA Will Cut Off Claims Payments To Vets On Nov. 1

Bob Brewin | Nextgov | October 9, 2013

If the government shutdown persists until late October, the Veterans Affairs Department will cut off disability, pension, compensation and education claims to 5.18 million veterans, surviving spouses and children on Nov. 1, VA Secretary Eric Shinseki told a hearing of the House VA Committee Wednesday. Read More »

Incoming President Of IOM Outed As Member Of Boards Of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Medtronic And Pepsico

Roy M. Poses | Health Care Renewal | February 24, 2014

We just discussed how the new CEO of the National Quality Forum was revealed to be a member of the board of directors of Premier Inc, and discussed the implications of this apparently intense conflict of interest. Read More »

Latin American Countries Ally to Defend Themselves From Transnational Corporations

Martin Khor | | June 24, 2013

Threatened by billion dollar lawsuits arising from investment treaties, several governments have formed a new grouping to deal with transnational companies. Read More »

Survey: Physicians Say EMRs A Key Factor To Their Declining Income

Jasmine Pennic | HIT Consultant | July 3, 2013

Physicians feel reimbursement, EMRs and hospital employment as key factors to limiting physician pay according to a recent survey by Medicus Firm. The survey entitled, 2013 Physician Practice Preference and Relocation Survey was conducted with over 2,500 doctors revealed several workforce trends and practice preferences. Read More »