The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA)

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Cancer Genome Sequencing

Stewart Noyce | Real Time Genomics | December 15, 2011

At last month’s TCGA (The Cancer Genome Atlas) Scientific Symposium, open source tools for somatic calling were reviewed by Andrey Sivachenko of the Broad Institute.  In this video clip from the symposium, Sivachenko shows early evidence that an investigator benefits from overlapping the results from multiple callers.  The NIH-funded TCGA program has released data for more than 4,000 Read More »

How Computer Clouds Could Help Cure Cancer

Joseph Marks | Nextgov | August 5, 2013

Computer clouds have been credited with making the workplace more efficient and giving consumers anytime-anywhere access to emails, photos, documents and music as well as helping companies crunch through masses of data to gain business intelligence. Read More »

Seven Bridges Introduces Open Source Cancer Genomics Workflow

John Otrompke | Bio IT World | August 20, 2014

Seven Bridges, a Cambridge company that builds tool to help scientists process genomic data, has created a cloud-based workflow for analyzing cancer genomes. The workflow was presented at the Biology of Genomes conference at Cold Spring Harbor in May...

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The Ontario Institute For Cancer Research Joins The Open Cloud Consortium

Press Release | Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, Open Cloud Consortium | August 20, 2014

The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) and the Open Cloud Consortium (OCC) announced today that they have entered into a multi-year agreement that brings OICR into the OCC. OICR will be involved with several OCC Working Groups, including the Open Science Data Cloud Working Group and the Biomedical Commons Cloud Working Group, to build systems for cancer genomics analysis and biomedical data sharing...

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US And UK Share Health Data Via Cloud

Anthony Brino | Healthcare IT News | November 15, 2013

About half a century after epidemiology studies in Massachusetts and the United Kingdom helped build the world’s understanding of cardiovascular disease and health risks, public health and population data is being opened up by the U.S. and joining international datasets. Read More »

Winner Of The 2012 Government Big Data Solutions Award

Bob Gourley | SmartData Collective | November 25, 2012

The Government Big Data Solutions Award was established to highlight innovative solutions and facilitate the exchange of best practices, lessons learned and creative ideas for addressing Big Data challenges. The Top Five Nominees of 2012 were chosen for criteria that included: Read More »