Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference

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Microsoft, Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce Issue Joint Statement Making Commitment to Open Source Healthcare Interoperability

Josh Mandel | Microsoft Industry Blog | August 13, 2018

Interoperability is an overlapping set of technical and policy challenges, from data access to common data models to information exchange to workflow integration – and these challenges often pose a barrier to healthcare innovation. Microsoft has been engaged for many years on developing best practices for interoperability across industries. Today, as health IT community leaders get together at the CMS Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference here in Washington, DC, we’re pleased to announce that Microsoft has joined with Amazon, Google, IBM, Oracle, and Salesforce in support of healthcare interoperability...

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Preparing the Open Health Guide to the 2019 HIMSS Conference

The HIMSS19 conference in Orlando may prove to be the turning point for the health IT industry to an open and free-market health information technology ecosystem. Open Health News is working on our annual Open Health Guide to the HIMSS conference. Those of you going to the HIMSS conference can take advantage of this Guide to let potential customers, community members, and supporters know you are at the conference and how to contact you. This applies to those companies and organizations with booths and exhibits and those without under an "unconference" model...The focus of more than half of the HIMSS19 conference presentations is on open source and open API technologies such as FHIR and Blockchain and the rise in cloud solutions and innovative technologies and approaches...

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Tech Industry Pledges to Improve Healthcare Through Open Source Health IT

Press Release | Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) | August 13, 2018

Today, ITI President and CEO Dean Garfield and several ITI member companies participated in the Blue Button 2.0 Developer Conference at the White House where they announced their commitment to removing barriers for the adoption of technologies for healthcare interoperability, particularly those that are enabled through the cloud and AI...“Today’s announcement will be a catalyst to creating better health outcomes for patients at a lower cost,” said ITI president and CEO Dean Garfield. “As transformative technologies like cloud computing and artificial intelligence continue to advance, it is important that we work towards creating partnerships that embrace open standards and interoperability.

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