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OpenSim Simulates Human Movement with Robotics

Alexis Garduno | The Stanford Daily | November 7, 2011

Professor of orthopedic surgery Scott Delp developed OpenSim in 2007. He said his long-term goal is to create simulation tools that could be applied to address important clinical problems. Delp developed the project as part of SimTK, an online host for software from the National Institute of Health’s Center for Biomedical Computation at Stanford (SimBios),which allotted money to fund the OpenSim project.

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Which Bionic Limb to Prescribe? VA's Gait Lab Aims to Build Evidence-Based High-Tech Prosthetics

Prosthetics has come a long way—witness the $35,000 computerized knee that sits on a table in Maikos' Gait and Motion Analysis Lab, coupled with a $30,000 bionic foot. The high-tech components are awaiting testing with Veteran amputees who come to the lab. Some have lost a leg to an IED or rocket-propelled grenade in Iraq or Afghanistan—or perhaps to a mine or mortar blast decades ago in Vietnam. Others have lost a foot or leg in an accident, or to diabetes or vascular disease. The purpose of the tests is twofold: to help determine the best prescription for the Veterans, and to gather research data. Along with gait abnormalities, Maikos studies functional outcomes such as walking speed and distance.

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