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DOD, VA Collaborate To Serve Nation’s Veterans

Staff Writer | The Dolphin | December 5, 2013

The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs reaffirmed their commitment to serve and care for the nation’s military veterans in a joint message issued by Acting Undersecretary of Defense Jessica L. Wright and Undersecretary of Veterans Affairs for Benefits Allison A. Hickey. Read More »

Roots of Trump’s ‘Economic Nationalism’

Andrew Spannaus | ConsortiumNews.com | April 13, 2017

With most of the media and political commentators focused on the Republicans’ failed attempt to pass a healthcare bill, some of President Donald Trump’s most significant words appear to have gone almost unnoticed. The President was away from the political fight in Washington on March 20, conducting one of his periodic attempts to sustain excitement among his base. At a rally in Louisville, Kentucky, Trump repeated his standard lines about putting America first, starting with economic policy....

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