2 Million Telehealth Visits For Vets In 2014

Katie Wike | Health IT Outcomes | October 20, 2014

The number of veterans using telehealth services has greatly increased in the last four years according to VA.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the national telehealth program served more than 690,000 veterans in the 2014 fiscal year. This is up from the last fiscal year, when 608,000 veterans used the service.

 iHealth Beat reports the veterans who used telehealth this year represent 12 percent of all veterans enrolled in the healthcare system. Of those who did use the VA’s telehealth services, the majority – 55 percent – lived in rural areas where access to VA facilities is difficult.  “With more Veterans seeking healthcare, telehealth is rapidly becoming an attractive option, especially for those Veterans who don’t have a VA health care facility close to home,” says VA officials.

“We have to adapt to meet Veterans wherever their needs are,” said VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald in a press release. “A brick-and-mortar facility is not the only option for health care. We are exploring how we can more efficiently and effectively deliver health care services to better serve our Veterans and improve their lives. Telehealth is one of those areas we have identified for growth.”...