Review: Figure1 Clinical Image Sharing App For iPhone (VIDEO)

Dan Buckland | Medgadget | May 28, 2013

Figure1 is a free iOS app (Android to come) debuting today at the Apple app store that hopes to be a “crowdsourced medical image library that healthcare professionals can use to share, rank, and discuss images.” This editor sat down with Annie Williams and Gregory Levey of MovableScience, the company putting out Figure1, back at TEDMED and reviewed a pre-release version of the app.  In comparison to the MobileCT app we wrote about last week, this app is more focused on education and information dissemination rather than diagnosis. It is also not limited to radiology, since it is able to share images from the iPhone camera as well.

In an effort to drive home the privacy concerns of an app that is made to share patient images, immediately after making an account you get a Terms Of Service that is very privacy conscious. [...]