U of Michigan & VA Hospitals Strengthening Ties To Provide More Clinical Research

Amy Bell | Ann Arbor Journal | November 7, 2012

The University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor Veterans Administration Health System are strengthening ties in an effort to provide more research to help those who have served. The organizations recently announced 150 researchers from the Ann Arbor VA Center for Clinical Management Research will move from the Ann Arbor VA Medical Center at 2215 Fuller Road to the North Campus Research Complex at 2800 Plymouth Road.

Officials recently signed a lease for 24,600 square feet of space at the complex. "We've always worked closely with U of M, but this move will accelerate the pace of research, for the benefit of veterans and patients everywhere," stated Dr. Eve Kerr, director of the CCMR in a press release. "From improving treatment of chronic conditions to preventing suicides and enhancing hospital care, all of us are eager to make an impact on care through research."


Open Health News' Take: 

To learn more about the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Clinical Research & Development Programs go to http://www.research.va.gov  -  Peter Groen, Senior Editor, OHNews