Two recent surveys of patients and their healthcare providers in the U.S.

Kyle Murphy | EHR Intelligence | June 8, 2012

Take a look at the these statistics from a recently published Doctor Patient Medical Association survey from physicians asked about the current healthcare system.

  • 90% responded that the US medical system is on the wrong track
  • 83% indicated that recent changes in the medical system make them want to quit practicing
  • 67% believed electronic health records (EHRs) compromised privacy and confidentiality
  • 65% said government is to blame for the current situation...

On June 7, the National Health Council released its survey of patients related to their understanding of how Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) affects medical research by restricting access to their personal health records (PHRs).

... respondents were disgusted by the fact that while access to their PHRs was restricted for research, these same PHRs were available for marketing purposes without their consent. “The last people that you want to have your data have free access and the people that you’d most want to have your data, the researchers, don’t have access.

While patients and providers were responding to different questions for different surveys, the general response is still the same. At what point will the healthcare system change for the betterment of the providers and patients, the stakeholders whose interests are higher than all other sponsors?